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Recruiting isn't rocket science, but it takes common sense and good intentions to do it well. We 'remake' engineering recruiting by focusing on Candidate Experience: we vet and test a curated roster of opportunities, coach folks through the interview timeline, offer our candidates tools to make a thoughtful decision on offers, and help negotiate those offers, too!


About Us

Experienced, empathetic recruiter. Interview process wonk. Obscure movie buff. Has helped ~150 engineers land good jobs.

Matt Hoffman

Founding Partner

4x founder with venture capital and bootstrapping scars. Engineer at heart, hiring manager, problem solver.

Andrew Cronk


Passionate about connecting people. Chicago transplant via San Francisco. Video game and music fanatic.

Katherine O'Harrow

Lead Sourcer

We do this job because we believe the engineering community is a bunch of very smart, optimistic, giving people building great things that benefit us all. We love the imparted learning and shared wins that come from framework and community driven development. Unfortunately, this cohort of good people doing good things is subject to a terrible process: stale, sales-driven tech recruiting. We think we have an alternative.

Modern Work

We believe the workday is changing. 40 hour slogs, desk time, face time, in-office every day. All that's unnecessary!

When developing our roster of hiring opportunities, we give preference to teams open to the following:

Remote Hires

For teams that have a thoughtful remote culture and practices - not just the lone head on a screen!

Non-traditional Work Weeks

Whether it's fewer than 40 hours or work-when-you-want, we love working with teams that transcend the 9-5.

"Gig" Trials

Contract-to-hire when it works best for candidates.

Candidate Experience

What do we mean, “Candidate Experience”?

Too often in hiringland, folks get things wrong: they act like they’re doing you, a candidate for their job, a favor by talking to you at all! Traditional agency recruiters aren’t innocent of the attitude either; many treat their candidates like a commodity. We started Re-factor because we recognize this misstep as where recruiting goes off the rails. For us, the candidate is the client and helping them is what we do.

Ok, great! How do we manage that?

Our approach to Candidate Experience is informed by a few strongly held beliefs: 1) our own self-interests matter very little in the scheme of things and the focus should always be finding the best possible job for the person we're working for 2) we best serve our hiring partners by, first, ensuring a great landing for our candidates 3) for candidates, starting a job search only makes sense if there's a career-problem to solve. 4) Timing is yours to decide: we'll help you search whenever it makes sense for you, not us.

How do you know this isn't just marketing?

Well, you don't unless you know someone we've helped before or you've talked with us. Give us a shot. We're happy to prove it to you ;)

We do, however, make several fundamental promises to everyone we work with:

  1. We won't "sell" jobs.
  2. If we're not adding value and context to your search, you should fire us.
  3. We will always advise but you will always decide how your search is handled.
  4. We're experts with deep, diverse experience that encompasses all perspectives of the engineering hiring conundrum.
  5. We're technical. We will get it when you share difficult problems you've solved. We will understand what you mean when you describe opportunities that fit well for you.

Some folks we've helped

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Jordan Orelli

Jackbox Games

Sunah Suh


Dan Rumney


Matt Kornatz

One Design Company

Ed Earley


Loren Velasquez


Amanda Lannert


Chris Moylan


Alex Bugosh


Kevin Goetsch

Home Chef

Matt Pulley

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Gabe Lerner



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